54321 is not so much a name but a countdown to something about to happen. 54321 is happening now and will continue to happen until something explodes.

With their Motion Picture Scenery EP the band successfully combine their two favourite genres; classic American film soundtracks and 70s British rock. The mathematical result would be chaos, a sort of super massive, inter-continental dinner party in the middle of the Atlantic where Ennio Morricone and Keith Moon come to blows over a misplaced bar line.

Thankfully, aptitude for maths features low on 54321's collective CV. Whatever all of that is supposed to mean, the upshot is an original EP that offers a journey from up close and personal to huge and anthemic. The band insist that the EP must be listened to in full to be appreciated. Bon appetit...

54321 are currently trying to recruit an even-tempered, house-trained manager. Must have good sense of humour and own vehicle. Most importantly this person will have an address book to rival Michael Jackson's and be able to administer a good smacked bottom upon occasion.

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